It is a type of written translation that is especially focused on the translation of business texts. This offer is in particular directed at companies and corporations who deal with a large amount of text and want to be sure that it will be properly translated.

As a part of the translation of business texts, I usually translate agreements, marketing materials, meeting summaries, presentations, letters, email, etc.

Since the entrusted materials often include information which is crucial for the company’s functioning and which may cause problems if they fall into wrong hands, confidentiality is essential. I keep all the materials sent to me for myself and I don’t share them with the third parties. After the translation is completed, the material is removed. To be sure about the confidentiality and for your comfort, we can sign a confidentiality agreement.

Translations of business texts are performed in Wrocław and at the territory of Lower Silesia. I also perform translation of materials sent to me via e-mail, traditional post, courier. I guarantee high quality and correctness of sent materials and on-time execution of orders.