Translation of documents is one of the most common translation services for which there is the greatest demand. Individuals and companies use, on many occasions, the services of translators. As a part of such translation, I can translate for you an agreement, CV, cover letter, bill, invoice, corporate correspondence, marketing contents, website, etc.

To my main recipients belong companies located in Wrocław or at the territory of Lower Silesia, who sell abroad. Due to the great popularity of English, companies from countries like Germany, Finland, Austria, often use English while communicating with Polish companies, because it is a commonly known language.

A translator performing that type of translation must have, beside proficient knowledge of a source and target language, knowledge on punctuation, editing, handling, and conversion of text files. It is also important to know the culture of the source and target language, as well as following the current events.

My knowledge and very good proficiency in English allow me to perform the translation of documents in a professional way. I guarantee substantive, stylistic, and grammatical correctness of all translated documents. I provide translation services in Wrocław, at the territory of Lower Silesia, and also remotely.