Written translation (not-certified translation)

This is the most popular type of translation and also the first thing that comes to mind when we think about translation. This is a type of translation that involves the written translation of a text from the source language into the target language. As a part of written translation service, I translate among others, trade texts, business texts, marketing texts, technical texts. I can also translate for you, the content of a website, advertisement materials, instruction, trade agreement, scientific text, diploma thesis, CV, cover letter, and many more.


If you have a text written in English or Polish and you would like to make sure that it is flawlessly written, I kindly invite you to use my proofreading services. You will receive a text in a review form, where all amendments will be marked. Proofreading includes checking proper vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, syntax, logical coherence of a text.

Consecutive translation

It’s a kind of oral translation in which the interpreter performance translation after the speaker finishes his speech. Personally, I have to admit that this is my favourite type of translation ;).

Oral translations are very difficult and can be performed only by people who like challenges and rush of adrenaline. This type of translation finds use during business meetings, negotiations, foreign business trips, construction works, conferences, events.

Simultaneous translation

Also known as conference interpretation, in which interpreter performs interpretation in real-time. This type of interpretation saves the time needed for performance after the end of interlocutor’s speech as it is, for example, with consecutive translation. Unfortunately, simultaneous translation cannot take place in all conditions. Usually, special equipment is needed. Simultaneous interpretation is commonly used during conferences, foreign trips, business meetings, and events. It is usually performed in a special booth during a conference.

Audiovisual translation

Audiovisual translations include translations performed within video material. To this type of translation, we can consider, making subtitles for a movie, translation of a script with subtitles, translating for dubbing.


It is a specific and demanding type of translation. It involves interpreting conversations, speeches, meetings, from the source to the target language. Interpreting services usually are used during business meetings, assemblies, foreign business trips, conferences, Skype conversations, and in many other situations. Interpreting may be divided into two kinds: consecutive and simultaneous.

Translation of business texts

It is a type of written translation that is especially focused on the translation of business texts. To that type of translation, we can include all corporate and marketing texts, such as agreements, the content of websites, brochures, correspondence, settlement documents.

Translation of technical texts

It is a type of translation focused on strictly technical texts. These texts require technical knowledge and an ability to search for difficult and complicated terms. Within translation of technical texts, I usually perform translation of instructions, handbooks, product specifications, technical datasheets.