Nowadays, almost everyone can at least to some extend use English. That is why we more often decide to write a text or translate a text by ourselves. However, there are situations in which basic knowledge of English and text editing are not enough, because a text has to be written flawlessly. In such a situation it is necessary to use the help of a professional English translator – proofreader, who will correct all typing errors, correct grammar errors, select proper vocabulary, take care of punctuation and proper register, making the text correct to every detail.

My motto is that the devil is in the detail. Such an approach is necessary for this profession. I can guarantee you full commitment in the performing of proofreading, taking into account finding all errors and making adjustments, after which you will be able to read a text smoothly and its message will be clear and fully understandable.

Proofreading is useful in case of:

  • diploma thesis,
  • agreements,
  • marketing materials,
  • corporate correspondence,
  • essays,
  • speeches.

I address my offer to private individuals, companies, and institutions in need of a professional proofreader with perfect English skills.

I am well aware that well-done proofreading in English improves the exchange of information and avoids confusion. Properly corrected and correctly translated text can be extremely helpful if you want to close the contract and to understand each other without errors.

I offer only professional proofreading of texts written in English and Polish. I guarantee reliable, correct, and accurate correction of the texts entrusted to me and on-time delivery of orders.