It is a type of oral translation in which a translator performs interpretation after the speaker finished his speech. Personally, I must admit that this is my favourite type of translation 😉.

Consecutive interpreting is extremely complicated and it can only be performed by people who like challenges and adrenaline.

This type of interpretation finds use during a business meeting, negotiations, business foreign trips, construction works, conferences, events.

We can distinguish a few types of such interpretation:

  • interpreting with notes,
  • interpreting without notes,
  • liaison.

Consecutive interpreting with notes – it is performed on longer segments, during which a translator must use a specially designed system of notes taking.

Consecutive interpreting without notes – it is performed on shorter segments during which there is no need to use notes, such manner of interpreting provides the highest flow.

Liaison interpretation of short fragments, most often it is an interpretation of a sentence by sentence.

During consecutive interpretation service, besides translation, you can be sure that you will also receive support in communication with your interlocutor and support in moving around a foreign country. I’m entirely at your disposal in terms of communication and translation within working hours.

I approach every job individually and I pay a lot of attention to preparation, and especially to a conversation with a client. The more we jointly agree on, the easier the meeting will go. It is vital that I receive from you as much information regarding the job as possible, for instance, information on interlocutor (country of origin, accent, YouTube channel), information on discussed offer, agreement.

I perform consecutive interpretations in Wrocław, at the territory of Lower Silesia, and also as a part of domestic and foreign trips.