This is the most demanding type of translation. An interpreter, regardless of whether it is a simultaneous interpretation or consecutive, must have good negotiating and interpersonal skills and high-stress resistance. An interpreter being in that role, often not only translates but also helps in communication or in moving around a foreign country, e.g. in the case of interpretation during a business trip.

While deciding to order an interpretation, it is worth to think what kind of interpretation you are looking for, because interpretation is divided into few types.

Interpreting is divided into consecutive, when the translation is performed after the end of the interlocutor’s speech, and simultaneous when the translation takes place in real-time while interlocutor is speaking.

The properly selected type of translation and preparation before a meeting are the major ingredients of the success of such an event.

Regardless of the type of translation, place, and circumstances, I offer comprehensive and professional interpretation from English into Polish, and from Polish into English.

During my work, I attach a lot of attention to preparation for a job. Proper communication with a client is essential, during which I learn as much as possible about the talk that I’m going to translate. The more information you can provide me regarding the topic of conversation, the speaker, discussed offer, etc, the better I will be able to prepare and it will positively influence the course of the meeting.

Many years of experience in the translation business allows me to perform orders professionally. My offer of interpreting from English into Polish and vice-versa is dedicated to companies and individuals from Wrocław and the territory of Lower Silesia who need help in communication with people from other countries. For example during a visit to a foreign office, business meeting, business trip, Skype conference.

I guarantee:

  • flexible approach to the order,
  • excellent communication through the whole process,
  • very good pronunciation which will assure smooth meeting
  • detailed preparation, thanks to which we won’t be surprised by anything.

I kindly invite you to contact via phone or via email during which I will be able to present you my offer in detail and answer to all your questions connected with interpreting. In case you would like to discuss in person details of the order, it is possible to meet in Wrocław, Szklarska Poręba or any other city at the territory of Lower Silesia.