This type of translation means the translation within video material. In my case, it’s most often the performance and adjustment of subtitles to video/clip. Professional subtitles help to reach a wider audience.

I’ve been doing professional audiovisual translations, among others for the needs of cinematography, for clips on YouTube, information spots, corporate videos, and marketing materials. I make subtitles using a specialised program that allows to effectively and correctly adjust them to the video material.

It is also extremely important to properly distribute subtitles and match them with the video material. If they are too long, if they disappear too quickly, or if they are inserted at the wrong time, watching such material will be tiring for the viewer. Professionally made subtitles should include maximum two verses, one verse should have from 35 to 40 characters with spaces; time of displaying subtitles should be around 3 seconds for one-verse subtitles and 6 seconds for two-verse subtitles; in the case of two-verses, the upper verse should be equal to the bottom verse or longer than it.

My knowledge and skills connected with very good knowledge of English allow me to professionally perform translation of audiovisual materials from English into Polish and from Polish into English. I guarantee substantive and grammatical correctness of all subtitles. I provide the services of audiovisual translation in Wrocław, at the territory of Lower Silesia, and also remotely via email and other means.