Also known as conference interpreting in which interpreter performs interpretation in real-time. This type of interpretation saves the time needed for performance after the end of the interlocutor’s speech as it is for example with consecutive one. Unfortunately, simultaneous interpretation cannot take place in all conditions. Usually, special equipment is needed.

Simultaneous interpretation is commonly used during conferences, foreign trips, business meetings, and events. It is usually performed in a special booth during a conference. The best example of such type of interpreting is the European Parliament session during which interpreters are used. When the booth is not available and an interpretation is needed just for a few people, one can use portable micro ports or perform whispering interpretation.

Taking into account different conditions, situations, and types of events during which simultaneous translations can take place, such translations can be divided into:

  • conference interpreting,
  • whispering,
  • interpreting with microports.

Simultaneous conference interpreting, as the name implies, is the type of interpretation that usually takes place during a conference. In the course of such interpretation, the interpreters are located in specially designed booths in which they interpret in real-time, while the recipients are in the room and listen to the interpretation through headphones.

Whispering is another type of simultaneous interpreting, which in this case is carried out without the help of audio equipment, and the interpreter performs the interpretation by whispering to one or several people.

Simultaneous with microports that is a type of simultaneous interpretation provided when there is no need to rent a booth. The manner and course of this type of interpretation can be adapted to the situation in which it will take place.

I approach every job individually and I pay a lot of attention to preparation, and especially to a conversation with a client. The more we jointly agree on, the easier the meeting will go. It is vital that I receive from you as much information regarding the job as possible, for instance, information on interlocutor (country of origin, accent, YouTube channel), information on discussed offer, agreement.

I perform simultaneous interpretations in Wrocław, at the territory of Lower Silesia, and also as a part of domestic and foreign trips.