This is a type of translation that involves the written translation of a text from the source language into the target language. Written translations play an important role in today’s world, in which, efficient communication is in the first place for everyone. Translations are made on a computer using text editors, such as Word or using CAT software, for instance, MemoQ or Trados.

Written translations can be divided into various categories. Among others, we can distinguish:

  • written sworn translation,
  • written legal translations,
  • written medical translations,
  • written technical translations,
  • written business translations,
  • translations of literature,
  • written scientific translations.

The recipients of written translation are both private entities as well as companies and institutions.

Well done written translation facilitates the exchange of information and allows to avoid conflicts, and that may help in closing the deal or it may just help in errorless communication with our interlocutor. I only offer professional translation from Polish into English and from English into Polish. I guarantee reliable and correct translation and proper register of translated texts.